ميرندا تفاح 330 مل، كانزات، 24 كانز

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Deliciously succulent and exhilarating, Mirinda Green Apple is an amazing soft drink full of sweet, green apple flavour. With its wonderful fruity taste, vibrant colour and crisp, tingly bubbles, Mirinda brings in laughter and inspires to go through your life with joy and spontaneity. To help you enjoy those happy, playful moments anywhere you want, Mirinda is now available in elegant tall, sleek cans in a pack of 24. Slimmer and lighter than a usual can, it makes for a perfect companion on impromptu trips, during friends and family get-togethers, relaxed summer picnics, as well as all sorts of other outdoor activities. Brighten up your day with a sip of Mirinda Green Apple.

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ميرندا تفاح 330 مل، كانزات، 24 كانز

127.00 EGP

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